With support from the National Institutes of Health we have been conducting tissue-specific transcriptome sequencing in order to identify the molecular and physiological bases of photoperiodic diapause in Aedes albopictus. Dr. Monica Poelchau (postdoc at Georgetown) and Dr. Julie Reynolds (postdoc at Ohio State University) have been conducting most of the work on this project. We are making the data from this project available in a user-friendly format in the hopes that these data will provide a helpful resource for other researchers. Our initial results from oocytes tissue will be posted in late June 2011 and include approx. 70,000 contigs (ESTs) representing approx. 10,000 gene models annotated based on the Ae. aegypti genome sequence and other databases. We recently completed another round of sequencing from embyo tissue and aim to post this data by August 2011.

Please visit AlbopictusExpression.org to learn more about the current status of the database and access the transcriptome sequence data.