Post-Docs & Students

Front Left to Right: Mara Heilig, Jennifer Sugijanto, Molly Maria. Back Left to Right: Peter Armbruster, Alexandra (Sasha) Mushegian, Zach Batz, Marten Edwards

Mara is working on the functional genomics of diapause regulation. Jennifer and Molly are collaborating with Marten Edwards on a project examining the role of histone modification in diapause regulation. Sasha is studying the population genomics of diapause evolution across latitudinal gradients.  Zach is investigating the molecular regulation of diapause and also the evolution of traits expressed during diapause across geographic gradients.  Marten is visiting from Muhlenberg College and has been studying various aspects of altered reproductive physiology during diapause.

Left to Right: Peter Armbruster, Jennifer Urbanski (grad. student), Deborah O'Donnell (grad. stduent), Amalia Aruda (undergrad.).

Jenn completed her thesis in 2011 and is now working as a staff scientist for the Environmental Protection Agency. Deb completed her dissertation in 2009 and is the proud mom of a brand new baby boy! See the publications page for papers that describe both Jen and Deb’s thesis work. Amalia finished her undergraduate work in 2008 and is now a graduate student at the Woods Whole Oceanographic Institute. Amalia was a co-author on a paper from Jenn’s thesis work and received both an NSF pre-doc AND an EPA Star award in support of her graduate studies!